Did you know that Dry Ice Pack Therapy Can Help with your Weight Loss Efforts!

Everybody is looking for a weight loss pill that magically eliminates excess weight and fat from their body. They look to all the diets to help them achieve their goals – South Beach diet, Atkins diet, Smoothie diet, Vegan diet, Raw Food diet and even Volumetrics. If your goal is to drop weight and fat, you may want to consider the idea of using ice packs along with any weight loss diet or plan you may be on.

Using Dry Ice packs can help reduce weight !!!?

That’s right. It appears that using flexible dry ice packs for at least 30 minutes could be the answer to dealing with body fat.Dry Ice packs are widely used to reduce inflammation and prevent swelling from injuries commonly related to sports and exercise.  It appears that putting an ice pack on your stomach for 30 minutes can burn off the hard-to-address calories.


Things You Should Know About The Human Body and Fat Burning with Ice Packs

The body has two kinds of fat tissue:

White Fat – this is the kind of fat people note with their “plump” hips and stomach. This kind of fat travels in the body, feeding muscle.

  • Brown Fat – The body uses this fat to produce heat. The colder your body is, the more brown fat begins to burn off.

What scientists have learned is that white fat, when it exposed to cold temperatures, become a “beige” fat. This kind of fat burns off to produce heat.

University of Kentucky School of Medicine endocrinologist Dr Phillip Kern said the team wanted to look into the possibility that body could change white fat into beige fat when cold was applied. He said he appears that browning fat tissue is a great way to protect the body from obesity. Kern said the body burned the extra calories instead of changing them into more fat tissue.

Researchers removed thigh fat tissue samples of 16 people who used an ice pack for 30 minutes and looked for certain genetic markers showing the kind of fat in the sample. What they learned was that three genetic markers linked to brown or beige fat were elevated in the winter season. They also looked at belly fat tissue samples to see if they became beige in the winter months. They were…at a higher rate than samples taken during the summer.

Kern said the study was proof of the reason why people tended to crave carbs and fatty food during the winter. White fat calories are used to sustain body warmth instead of giving muscles power. The study also revealed that extremely overweight people were unable to convert white fat into beige fat as well as skinnier folks.

Kern said that’s because inflammation hinders this conversion process.

Ice Therapy / Cryotherapy: What Exactly Is It? How Does it Work?

Now you may be wondering just how does ice help you to lose weight and fat. Ice, when placed on the body where the skin is sagging, causing it to firm up and tone.  The treatment was first carried out in Mexico during the early 2000s. Today, this pioneering massage technique, when used in conjunction with an exercise plan and healthy diet, has proven to have amazing effects on the body. Several of the benefits to using the ice therapy treatment include:

  • Body detoxification
  • Tissue tightening and firming
  • Naturally, lifts skin that sags
  • Betters cellulitis
  • Increase blow flow (Although you should use an exfoliating therapy to go along with this)
  • Decrease size in several sessions

Thus, by making the skin cold, it ensures that the underlying fat cells will die and metabolise. This decreases the fat thickness in the region where the ice pack was applied. Bear in mind that ice pack therapy is not an overnight success. You won’t see immediate results. In fact, it can take up to 12 weeks before any of the results of an ice pack therapy are seen.

Things to keep in mind when using Ice Pack Therapy for Weight loss

If you do decide to try ice pack therapy, it’s important to use some caution. If you incorrectly use ice packs, it can lead to skin burns, ranging from mild (first-degree burns) to severe (second and third-degree burns).  These problems are usually the result of placing the ice pack right onto the skin – no barrier between the ice pack and skin.

Therefore, you need to make sure to wear a t-shirt or place thin folded towel or paper towel between you and the ice pack. If you use something thick, there is little benefit you get from the ice pack therapy.

There are four additional factors that can raise the chances for cold-induced burn injuries including but not limited to:

  • Certain medications that slow the flow of blood like beta-blockers.
  • People suffering from a peripheral vascular disease that can reduce the flow of blood to affected tissues.
  • People who have peripheral neuropathy – a condition that leads to a loss in feeling injuries.
  • Diabetes
  • Smoking

Does this mean you shouldn’t use ice pack therapy to speed up the burning of fat and weight loss? Not at all! It just means you must take extra precautions before you use this therapy method. Be mindful of cold-induced burn injuries such as pins and needles sensation, pain and redness of area and skin blisters.

Remember, in order to really see the benefits, you should use ice pack therapy in conjunction with your weight loss diet and exercise plan.