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High-Quality Polyurethane and Vacuum Technology Insulated Cooler Bags and Eskies

With Decades of Experience in Engineering & Designing Cold Chain Products anywhere from Cold Storage rooms to Insulated Coolers, Cryolux Offer a range of Commercial quality Ice boxes Designed to suit both Commercial applications and Every Day Consumer use including Camping, Fishing and Other Outdoor Recreation. If you are looking for a High-Quality Ice box, that can keep your food and drinks Cool over your camping then look no further. The Cryolux range of Esky coolers is designed to keep things frozen for weeks. These Eskies are made with high-density durable Plastics that are UV treated to combat the extreme Aussie Outback that is insulated with High-density Polyurethane injected under extreme pressure to ensure they provide both rigidity and high thermal performance. Apart from a Range of Eskies, Cryolux Also offers a range of innovative Cooler bags that even have a Flat pack option designed for companies like Meals on Wheels to deliver meals hot or cold. Cryolux also has a range of Commercial grade Polyurethane insulated cooler bags that are one of the kind. The cooler bags have a high thermal performance with R Values of up to 5 and they are light and Easy to carry, making them ideal cold chain shippers. These high-quality Cooler bags are also shock resistant and can even be flat packed to make it economical to freight back to the source. Cryolux also has a range of Vacuum Insulated Panel Cooler Bags that are insulated with Vacuum Technology making them reusable, Durable and Washable and the Best performing Cooler bag in the World Market. Apart from an innovative range of cooler bags, Cryolux is currently developing a new Innovation to help transport Human Organs from donor to the transplant hospitals. Using a combination of hyperbaric oxygen technology and Superior Thermal insulation Coolers, Cryolux is hoping to bring to market a new life-saving product that can change thousands of lives around the world. Please feel free to get in touch with our Experts if you are looking for a product that isn’t showcased and we’d be glad to assist you with your requirement.

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  • Cooler bag - Flatpack - Cold Chain -30L

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    These Cryolux Super insulated Flat pack cooler bags are designed to be Flat packed or Set up to use within a Few Minutes. Easy to set up and Easy to freight around. These cooler bags are designed with Double Walls for best Thermal performance. These Cooler bags can be easily flat-packed and stored away without taking up much space.thereby making them easy and cost-effective to freight back 

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  • VIP Shippers -Vacuum Insulated Panel Ice box Shippers

    - Light Weight, Easy to Handle, Compact Design

    - Reduced Cube size Saves $$ on Freight Costs

    - Best thermal Insulation helps maintain Temperature over 7 Days

    - R Value - 36 ( Almost 10 times x Standard Insulation Materials )

    - Most Reliable Insulation Medium for Non-Refrigerated Transport

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Cryolux have innovated a large range of dry ice packs, Gel Packs , Cool Packs that are widely used to keep vegetables,meat,milk and food fresh .

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