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Polyurethane , XPS & VIP Insulated Cooler Bags for Effective Cold Chain Management

Cryolux Offer a wide variety of Commercial Grade Cooler bags with a Careful Selection Materials that are Durable and have High-Quality Thermal Resistance and Insulation Properties that can help maintain the temperature within the Insulated Cooler Bag. Cryolux uses a combination of Polyurethane Insulation with heavy duty Inner and outer liners in our proprietary design that ensures the cooler bags can shield extreme weather conditions. Several Factors need to be taken into consideration when choosing a Commercial grade cooler bag for Cold chain management be it transporting Viles from the Testing Centre to the Labs or packing your chilled drinks and Frozen meat for a Camping trip. The Key feature is to ensure the Cooler Bags are insulated with Polyurethane insulation which has over 3 times better thermal resistance compared to that of the extruded Polystyrene Insulation. Cryolux also has a range of Cooler Bags that are insulated with Vacuum Technology making them the best performing Cooler Bag in the World Market. Of course, if you or your organization are looking for a cost effective high-performance cooler bag, We recommend that you consider our Polyurethane Coolers that are not only good performers but also engineered with a combination of high-quality materials that makes them durable for Commercial applications. 

  • Cooler bag - Flatpack - Cold Chain -30L

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    These Cryolux Super insulated Flatpack coolerbags are designed to be Flat packed in a Few Minutes. Easy to set up and Easy to freight around . These coolerabgs are designed with 2 Walls for best performance . These Coolerbags can be easily flatpacked and stored away without taking up much space.

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