Insulated Pallet Cover Shipper- Thermal Pallet Quilt Cover Bags

Pallet Insulation to Transport Chilled Stock in Ambient Trucks and Ambient Stock in Refrigerated Trucks

Transporting Chilled and Frozen Products in Temperature controlled Cold storage trucks or Temperature controlled Air Freight has predominantly been the most expensive form of Freight. Refrigerated freight has been the only option to transport chilled or frozen produce until the recent advancement in cold chain management. Thanks to Revolutionary advancement in the field of Insulation Materials and Refrigerant Materials, Cold Chain Solution Companies like Cryolux have seen a huge opportunity to save customers Millions of Dollars in Refrigerated freight by simply combining the best of Insulation materials and Refrigerants like Phase change materials and making a Cold chain solution that rules out the requirement of Refrigerated transport. One such revolutionary product is the insulated Pallet cover. These are basically a well-insulated Pallet Jackets that slip over the Pallet and helps shield the contents from extreme temperature spikes and retain the temperature within the pallet. Using these thermal blankets in combination with well-frozen Ice packs or PCM Gel bricks will make these pallets self-sufficient without requiring to transport them in Refrigerated transport thus saving companies millions of dollars in freight costs. These Insulated Pallet Covers come in several variants are designed so they can help keep things cool or even warm. In Several cold countries it is a challenge to keep products at ambient temperature and hence these Pallet covers can also help keep the products at ambient. Cryolux manufactures a range of Reusable and Minimum reuse/ Disposable Pallet Covers. The Disposable Pallet covers are cost effective for one way freight. The Reusable Pallet covers are designed to fold flat and compact so they can be transported back easily and made with Good Quality Durable Outer and Inner Skin and superior insulation materials combining Superior Cryofibre Insulation. See below a Full range of Pallet covers that can be customised based on your requirement.

  • Insulated Pallet Cover Bag - Disposable | Minimum Reuse

    Multi Layer Bond of Superior Insulation Materials to yield High Thermal Resistance

    Velcro Sealable - Easy to Fit - Light Weight

    Minium Reuse - Ideal for High-Value Temperature Sensitive Products

    Folds Flat So it's Convenient to Store away or Freight back to source

    Fully Custom Manufactured to Suit your Specific Requirement.


  • Insulated Pallet Cover - Reusable Thermal Cover

    5 cm Cryofibre Insulation for Superior Thermal Properties

    Heavy Duty Water Proof Outer lining with optional Aluminium Reflective lining

    Light Weight and Folds up Easily for Efficient Storage and transport

    Commercial Grade Velcro, Double Stitched for Durability & Washable Materials

    Pocket to enclose Shipping Documents


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Insulated Pallet Shippers for Shipping Food and Medicines

If you are a Pharmaceutical Company looking to transport your Pallet load of Temperature Sensitive Vaccines, Medicines etc and need that extra protection to avoid any breaches in case of extreme conditions or if you are a Food Wholesaler or a Supermarket looking to keep your Fruit, Vegetables, Meat, Confectionaries like Chocolates, Cookies, Cupcakes and other Perishables. Cryolux has developed a range of custom designed Insulated Thermal Pallet Cover Jackets to keep things at Ambient, Chilled and Frozen.

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