20 Hrs Instant Heat from Hot Packs for Hot Compress & Warmer 

Air activated With Natural Heat made from Safe, Non-toxic ingredients

Cryolux manufactures some of the most innovative cold chain products in the market. With a Strong requirement driven by consumer demand, Cryolux has formulated heat packs that activated instantly without having to heat them. This makes these innovative heat packs to be used on the go. These Instant heat packs are activated simply when exposed to Air. Made with a proprietary formulation with 100% natural ingredients, These Instant heat packs can reach up to 70C and maintain an average of 55 Degree C for up to 20 hours. Cryolux 20 hour instant heat packs are now being used by the Military in European countries to keep the soldiers warm during extreme conditions. These Instant Heat Packs also come with an adhesive option allowing them to be used for spot treatment of muscle pain including ligament tears. These Instant heat packs have come highly recommended by several Physiotherapists around the world simply because it provides non-medicated pain relief. Thanks to the low-cost structure and the ease of use, these are great replacements for Click heat ice packs which require you to soak in boiling water and allow it to cool before you can use on the skin. These Instant heat packs are calibrated such that it reaches a maximum of 70C which is still comfortable for most people except babies. These Instant Heat packs which double up as warmers are disposable. Cryolux 20 hour instant heat packs are 13 cm x 9 cm hence making them sufficiently large to provide pain relief to a large area but also compact enough to slip into the pocket if you are going away to the snow or for a jog early in the morning. These heat packs are also ideal if you have to mow your lawn or wash your car on a cold morning. Cryolux is continuously working on a range of heat packs to add to the cold chain products that it currently has. 

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