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Heavy Duty Commercial Cold chain applications and Outdoor Recreation applications

Camping Fishing and Commercial Applications Ice box esky - The Reusable Eskies manufactured to suit the camping, fishing and Commercial applications are built using the most reliable rotational moulding technology using heavy duty high-density Uv treated plastic combined with Closed cell Rigid Spray Polyurethane Insulation that has superior insulation properties with R Values of up to R6. The insulation is the same material that is used in insulation cold storage rooms. This insulation not only provides excellent thermal properties but also adds to the strength of the walls in these coolers. These Esky coolers are fitted with Lockable lids allowing you to quickly lock the Cooler when it's left unattended at a camp site or even use it as a storage box in commercial applications and ensure the product is safe when it's transported. They are made with Ultra thick Lids to Shield most of the Radiant Heat, these Lids are fitted with Fridge quality rubber Gasket seals with reliable high strength hinges and handles. These Ice boxes are built with 3 inch thick walls to maximise ice retention even with frequent openings. The Range of ice boxes primarily designed to suit Rugged commercial applications, be it home deliveries or in-house cold storage. The Range of Reusable Rotomould ice boxes are also used for ice cream transport, Chilled and Frozen Perishable transport like seafood transport, Frozen meat transport, Chocolate transport etc. Cryolux also manufactures a range of large trawler series Fish tubs that specifically designed to suit Commercial applications to be left on fishing trawlers and boats. These Fish Tubs are made with a specially formulated and patented Poly resin to with stand the harsh UV rays. Most low-quality Fishing tubs or Commercial Ice boxes tend to crack since UV rays make the plastic brittle. Cryolux has also engineered these Commercial ice boxes to withstand cracks or damage even when accidentally knocked with a fork lift. Most of the larger Ice boxes have Fork Lift Feet options making it easy to load on and load off on trucks and easy to move around within the warehouse even when they are fully loaded. Feel free to chat with the experts at Cryolux if you are looking for a particular type of cooler that isn't in our retail collection 

  • VIP Shippers -Vacuum Insulated Panel Ice box Shippers

    - Light Weight, Easy to Handle, Compact Design

    - Reduced Cube size Saves $$ on Freight Costs

    - Best thermal Insulation helps maintain Temperature over 7 Days

    - R Value - 36 ( Almost 10 times x Standard Insulation Materials )

    - Most Reliable Insulation Medium for Non-Refrigerated Transport

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