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As a result of a growing demand for storing and distributing temperature-sensitive products, Cryolux has been in the cold chain industry constantly to innovate and overcome the challenges of nature. Recently, there have been several remarkable innovations which have broken several barriers in cold chain storage and logistics and Cryolux aims to make these innovations available to consumers very shortly.

There are several components to a successful cold chain project but the key ingredients to make it work are a selection of the right type of refrigerant coupled with the right material and size of the insulated shipper. A refrigerant undergoes phase changes either from solid to liquid or liquid to gas. Based on their respective thermodynamic properties, it is used in temperature maintenance applications. Cold energy is usually managed using ice replacements. There are different types of icepacks; the most common ones are ice, dry ice, icepacks, gel packs, ice bricks, ice wraps, bubble back gel packs, instant ice packs, hot & cold packs & dry ice packs being the most sought after refrigerant in recent times. Ice packs, commonly called gel packs, evolved from the disadvantages of ice. Whilst ice could only freeze to 0 degrees, the cold phase of ice was a big barrier in the cold chain industry. The basic principle of refrigerants is: the colder the refrigerant, the longer they last.The gel packs comprise of just water and hence they freeze only to 0 degree C, as a result they tend to melt fast. Gel packs evolved from water to sodium chloride (salt water), which had the ability to freeze at much lower temperatures, depending on the concentration levels. The higher the concentration of salt, the colder they can freeze and, therefore, the longer they stay frozen.

Dry ice, which is compressed carbon dioxide, sublimates at -78 degrees C and it has been widely used for commercial applications since 1924. Although it is relatively easy to manufacture, dry ice is classified as a “dangerous good for transport”, as a result, requires specialized transport systems and trained personnel to handle Dry ice. With rising cost pressures across all industries, there is a huge demand for cold chain products that can are not only cost effective but also can work as well as or better than dry ice.

Cryolux manufactures several types of icepacks available to suit different applications. The most common use of icepacks is cold transport of perishables and food produce. The Innovative Dry ice packs , from Cryolux, are easy to store and transport and can be activated and frozen on demand.. Hence they are far superior to any of our regular gel packs. Cryolux also manufactures ice bricks, ice wraps, bubble back gel packs, instant icepacks, Instant Hot packs, hot & cold Ice packs & dry ice sheets to name a few. Most of these are in direct contact with food and are hence Food Grade and approved by the US FDA. Cryolux Also manufacture a range of Phase change material gel bricks commonly known as PCM Gel ice bricks to suit temperature sensitive applications, For Example if a laboratory has to transport a specimen at -15 Degrees, They would use one of our Cryophase -15 or -20 C PCM bricks which can help maintain the temperature of the specimen at the desired temperature, of course keeping in mind the suitable choice of the insulating medium which could be a cold chain shipper or an ice box. Cryolux Group is continuously working with several businesses to understand their complex requirement and devise solutions for a successful cold chain project.

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