Cold Chain Shippers

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  • Insulated Pallet Cover Bag - 9 Layer

    Cryolux Insulated Pallet cover bags are designed with 9 layers of Materials which are carefully selected based on the thermal insulation charecteristics . These Pallet covers provide a perfect insulated environment for transporting all temperature sensitive products including Pharmaceutical products , Food Produce , Seafood and Meat , Chemicals and Cosmetics to name a few Learn More

  • Insulated Mailer Bag

    Insulated Mailer Bags Learn More

  • Insulated Carton Shipper - Cold chain

    Insulated Carton Shippers are perfect one way cost effective and disposable shippers that can reduce the heat radiation drastically compared to a regular carton. These are ideal to freight Perishables in a cost effective manner. These cartons are custom made and can be made to order based on your requirement Learn More

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Insulated Shipping Containers

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