• Insulated Pallet Cover Bag - Disposable | Minimum Reuse

    Multi Layer Bond of Superior Insulation Materials to yield High Thermal Resistance

    Velcro Sealable - Easy to Fit - Light Weight

    Minium Reuse - Ideal for High-Value Temperature Sensitive Products

    Folds Flat So it's Convenient to Store away or Freight back to source

    Fully Custom Manufactured to Suit your Specific Requirement.


  • Insulated Bubble Wrap Mailer Bags

    - Aluminium Insulation is a Perfect Temp Shield

    - Bubble Wrap for Extra Protection & Insulation

    - Fully Sealable Tamper Resistant Mailers

    - Thin, Flexible, Light Weight & Easy to Freight

    - Customised Sizes, Disposable & Cost Effective 

    - Ideal for Short Duration Transport

  • VIP Shippers -Vacuum Insulated Panel Ice box Shippers

    - Light Weight, Easy to Handle, Compact Design

    - Reduced Cube size Saves $$ on Freight Costs

    - Best thermal Insulation helps maintain Temperature over 7 Days

    - R Value - 36 ( Almost 10 times x Standard Insulation Materials )

    - Most Reliable Insulation Medium for Non-Refrigerated Transport

  • Insulated Pallet Cover - Reusable Thermal Cover

    5 cm Cryofibre Insulation for Superior Thermal Properties

    Heavy Duty Water Proof Outer lining with optional Aluminium Reflective lining

    Light Weight and Folds up Easily for Efficient Storage and transport

    Commercial Grade Velcro, Double Stitched for Durability & Washable Materials

    Pocket to enclose Shipping Documents


  • Insulated Carton Shipper - Cold chain

    Insulated Carton Shippers are perfect one way cost effective and disposable shippers that can reduce the heat radiation drastically compared to a regular carton. These are ideal to freight Perishables in a cost effective manner. These cartons are custom made and can be made to order based on your requirement

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