Dry ice Suppliers in Australia.Dry ice which is a solid sublimate to form a Gas and hence its important that you find local suppliers for Dry ice, so you have a minimum loss. In Cases where you have to freight dry ice interstate, you will find that there will be a noticeable difference in the weight that was loaded at the source and the actual weight of the Dry ice that you receive. The difference in weight is mainly due to the sublimation of Dry ice when exposed to ambient temperature and extreme weather conditions. The Temperature inside the trucks can be hot which can melt your dry ice quickly.If you are choosing to use Cold transport, you will find that they are incredibly expensive. Hence ideally it's best to buy dry ice from local suppliers. Please select the appropriate state below to see the list of Dry ice manufacturers and Dry ice suppliers in the region. We recommend that you call the Suppliers to ensure they have sufficient stock before you drive there. We have compiled a list of Dry ice suppliers in Melbourne, Dry ice suppliers in Sydney, Dry ice Suppliers in Adelaide, Dry ice Suppliers in Perth and Dry ice Suppliers in Tasmania. If you are looking for Dry ice Alternatives, We have a range of Dry ice packs which are both reusable and Disposable.

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Below is a List of Dry ice Suppliers in Darwin and Rest of Northern Territory

Supagas Darwin - 54 Dawson Street, East Arm, Berrimah NT-0828
Tel: (08) 8947 3130


Boc Gas & Gear 1a Traders Way Mt ISA NT-4825
(07) 4743 8811


Boc Gas & Gear 52 Winnellie Road, Winnellie, NT-820
(08) 8984 3811


Boc Gas & Gear Port Hedland 17 Steel Loop, Wedgefield NT-6721

08) 9172 3456


Boc Gas & Gear 370 Ingham Road Garbutt QLD-4810

(07) 4728 8677

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