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Save $$ on Ice!! Stays Frozen up to 7 times longer than Ice

Reusable Dry ice packs also known as a 4ply dry ice pack, got its name from being dry and flexible ice pack even when they are frozen unlike any other gel pack and these can be cut to size based on the requirement. A Standard ice pack would normally have 90% water and are ready to use, These Dry ice packs are designed to look like a flat sheet of paper, which has 4 layers of plastic and textile sandwiching the absorbent polymer which activates when soaked in water and form a gel pack, The cell structure allows for them to be flexible even when they are frozen and can be cut to size. Cryolux studied some of the leading dry ice packs on the market and surprisingly found that most of them take too long to soak up water to form a gel pack, most of them even failed to activate under water thus remaining in their original flat form despite hours of soaking, The ones that were activated and frozen started to leak and ooze a slimy liquid as they start to thaw and it made all the things stored with the ice packs feel slimy as well.

Hence Cryolux aimed to make a dry ice pack that can Activate Easily, Stay Frozen for Longer and wouldn’t Leak as it starts to thaw. Finally, after months of research, Cryolux were able to bond a 4Ply reusable dry ice pack that activates quickly and fuller as soon as it's soaked in water and also the secret formulation allowed for the ice pack to stay frozen almost twice as long. With Plastic on both sides, these dry ice packs are reusable and can be used over and over again. Cryolux Dry ice packs have now become the product of choice for several leading Supermarket chains, Online Groceries, Pharmaceutical companies, Frozen food delivery companies and Seafood exporters to name a few. These Dry ice packs have a food grade laminate allowing them to be safe to be in direct contact with food. These Dry ice packs work as a hot pack as well as a cold pack. When frozen in a Domestic freezer these ice packs can freeze to -21 Degree C hence making them stay frozen for up to 7 times longer than any standard ice pack. These Dry ice packs can be microwaved or steamed to be used as a hot pack to transport food warm and use them for heat therapy for muscle repair. The Cryolux Dry ice packs are designed to be light and easy to store and cost effective to transport. Whilst transporting a thousand 1kilo ice packs can be very expensive, an equivalent in Dry ice packs would weigh less than 40kilos  thus making it a Brilliant cold chain product that can be stored and transported cost effectively and activated On Demand.

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