Applications of Dry Ice Packs

Applications of Dry Ice Packs

Below are the some of the applications or uses of dry ice packs.

1. To transport organs for organ transplantation:

Once organs are donated they are preserved in cold solution. Dry ice is normally used for organ transplantation.

The intention is to make the organs cool but not freeze while transporting.

2. To transport breast milk: 

Breast milk can be transporting or shipped in coolers or cooling boxes using ice, dry ice or gel packs.

3. Recreational Applications: 

As long lasting reusable packs, dry ice packs are used in camping and fishing purpose to keep food and drinks both hot and cold.

4. Household Applications:

Children: Cryolux ice packs can fit any kind of lunch boxes to keep the food cool or hot.

Shopping: These ice packs are widely used to bring frozen products such as food, ice cream, cheese, meat to home from the super market.

These dry ice packs are normally used by the mothers to keep their baby bottles warm or cool for using juice or milk.

Dry ice packs play a major role in the absence of electricity supply. In such cases, refrigerators or freezers would not help in preventing food items such as vegetables, dairy products etc from Spoilage.

5. To transport blood and pathology samples:

Leading labs across the world will make use of these dry ice packs for transporting pathology samples such as blood, tissues etc.

6. To transport frozen meat, ice cream and cheese:

Dry ice, ice packs, ice boxes or gel packs are widely used for transporting frozen products such as meat, ice cream and cheese.

7. To deliver frozen pizza, food:

Dry ice packs play a prominent role in delivering pizza, early prepared food (in general these dry ice packs are used for catering purpose).

8. To transport chilled wine:

Chilled wine can be transported by adding ice packs or by using ice boxes.

9. To make ice pack at home:

The combination of water and rubbing alcohol in the Ziploc bags, make ice packs at home.

10. To deliver food hot:

Food can be delivered hot by using insulated cooler and bricks.

11. To use heat packs for back injury:

Heat packs reduce pain. Heat can be applied when swelling is lessened.

12. To treat knee injury and ligament tear:

Add a bag of ice packs or ice to the knee which will reduce pain.

13. To keep the gums from swelling after a laser clean:

Dry ice or gel packs can be used in the swollen area to slow down the blood flow after laser cleaning.

14. To reduce pain after a tooth extraction:

Dry ice or gel packs can be used in the swollen area to slow down the blood flow thereby reducing pain after tooth extraction.

15. Cryotherapy:

The extreme cold surgery to destroy diseased tissue in the body. In this process ice packs are normally used. The simpler way to do cryotherapy at home is by adding ice packs to ice bags and contacting with the injured part of the body.

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