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Ice Replacements that is Flexible when frozen & Cut to size

Cryolux reusable dry ice packs are innovative reusable gel ice packs used as hot packs and cold packs. Dry ice packs are made in 2 types, the Reusable Dry ice pack 4Ply model and the Disposable Dry ice pack 2ply model. They are made using the most advanced cutting edge technology and process to create a gel pack that is flexible when frozen and can be cut to shape and size.There are layers of plastic, FDA approved food grade laminate and Non-woven textile which is sandwiched and capsulate the polymer in the core which is activated when hydrated with water.The core of this ice pack is made with a carefully treated anionic polyelectrolyte sodium Polyacrylate co polymer (C3H3NaO2)n  [CAS-9003-04-7] also known as sodium prop-2-enoate.This same material in other treated forms is used as food additives as a thickening agent hence making the cryolux gel packs completely food grade and safe and non-toxic.

Cryolux dry ice packs have an amazing list of applications and as such it makes an ideal product to keep in any household, first aid kit, or any cold chain application.It is a great product that can be stored flat ( Pre- Activation ) hence it takes up very little space and can be hydrated on demand.Thanks to this amazing technology, Cryolux dry ice packs weigh less than 40 grams each and can turn into a 1 kg gel pack once hydrated hence making these reusable dry ice packs the most cost effective pack in the market to store and transport. If Frozen properly using the best ice pack freezing methods, These Cryolux Dry ice packs are formulated to keep cold the longest period and can replace Dry ice in most commercial Cold chain applications. 

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Cryolux Dry Ice Packs Activation & Application Instructions

Dry ice packs are a sandwich of plastic and non woven textile with FDA approved post treated Sodium Polyacrylate at the core that activates when exposed to water upon hydration. Cryolux manufacture Dry icepacks in both the Reusable and the Disposable Variants. The Reusable Dry ice packs have plastic bonded on both sides which give it the reusability whilst the Disposable icepack has Plastic on one side and non woven textile on the other side. These Sheets come in the dehydrated form. In order to achieve optimum performance, its important these icepacks are well hydrated.

Step 1 – To hydrate the ice pack, it’s important the water is conditioned. If you are doing it at home, please clean your sink and rinse any dish washing liquid. Then fill the sink with preferably warm water if available.

Step 2 – Give the icewrap a gentle scrunch under water to release any air bubbles within the ice pack for faster hydration.

Step 3 – Continue with this process for the rest of the icepacks and stack them one above the other.

Step 4 – Let the Dry ice pack soak for 10 to 15 Minutes and rotate the hydrated ones from bottom to the top. You will find that they are ready when they are hydrated when each of the cells are full and wouldn’t take any more water. If you do find some lazy cells which is very unlikely, Just give them a gentle massage.

Step 5 – You can now remove your Cryolux Dry Ice packs and pat dry them with a towel or just a good shake to get rid of any excess water on the surface.

Step 6 – Your Cryolux Ice Sheets are now ready to Freeze or Heat and Use.

How to use Dry ice packs as heat packs | How to heat an ice pack

It is faster to heat them in a microwave. You can just wrap them in a towel or a moist paper towel and microwave them for increments of 30 seconds to ensure you don’t burn yourself.

How to freeze a Dry Ice pack ? Dry ice usage tips

Turn your freezer down to the lowest temperature. Most domestic freezers go to -21 degree C, The colder you can freeze these icepacks, the longer they will last.

Now you can place these ice packs and stack them one above the other. If you are out of a room , Feel free to roll them up and freeze them because they can flex when they are frozen. We recommend you to freeze them for 12 to 18 hours before use. You can also mix these frozen dry ice packs with dry ice in your cooler. When you are freezing the Disposable Dry ice packs it's important that you lay the icepacks plastic down one above the other so no two ice packs have the textile material touching each other when it's being frozen because the moisture in the textile tend to freeze together and stick, Making it hard to take them apart if you need to use them separately.

How much dry ice to put in cooler

We recommend that you use one sheet for every 6 Litres of space you need to keep cool. If you have a lot of room left in your cooler, We recommend you to add a few extra sheets in there to reduce the air space. A Standard lunch cooler bag would take 1 to 1.5 Ice sheets. A Medium foam cooler would take around 3 to 4 sheets of Cryolux dry ice packs. If you are going to sending the cooler filled your produce from A to B and you aren’t opening the box mid way, you can get away with 30% of the volume of the icebox with Dry ice packs. If you are going to be opening the cooler or icebox during the journey, we recommend more ice packs depending on the quality of the ice box. We recommend you to see our Ice retention tips which outline how best to pack your cooler.

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