How to Freeze Gel packs / Dry icepacks / Icepacks / Coolpacks. 

Depending on the quality of the Gelpack , They can goto the temperature of the Freezer . So Colder the Freezer temperature , the Colder they freeze . Its Best recommended that the freezer be turned to the lowest temperature ( usually around -21 Degrees ) and the Icepacks stacked on the Freezer plate. Its recommended that the icepacks be frozen for 24 hours so the core of the gelpack can freeze to the lowest temperature.

On Many occasions , the gelpack surface can be colder than the core and therefore melt quicker. IF you are reusing your Gelpack , its strongly recommended that you clean your icepack thoroughly and dry them before you freeze them again , because the moisture on the surface of the icepack can make them stick to the freezer plate or other icepacks and could tear the plastic when you are trying to pull them out of the freezer. It is reccomended that some of our High Performance Gel packs are handled with Gloves to avoid a cold burn .The Gel packs are best Stored in the freezer until the time they are ready to be packed away and minimise the exposure to Ambient Temperature during the process of packing.

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