Disposable Single Use Dry ice packs for Seafood, Grocery & Pharmaceutical Delivery

Cost Effective Long Lasting Ice Replacement for Cold Chain

Disposable Dry Ice packs aka 2ply dry ice pack are fundamentally the same working principle as the reusable dry ice pack except that they are only made with 2 layers (2ply ) I e.. one layer of Non woven Textile backed with PET plastic sandwiching SAP post treated co polymer, making the product easier to degrade, cost effective and easier to activate and freeze. The Disposable dry ice packs are ideally used in one-way deliveries and thanks to the low cost and these Ice packs work just as good as the 4Ply reusable dry ice pack model. These Cryolux Disposable Dry ice packs have been proven to be the best solution for Pharmaceutical companies to transport their specimens & vaccines, Supermarkets and Online groceries for their chilled food deliveries, Seafood and Meat Exporters, Chocolate manufacturers, Cheese Factories to name a few. These Disposable Dry ice packs are ideal replacements of Dry ice and considered Non-hazardous hence making them a preferable refrigerant ice pack for Cold Transport. The Disposable Dry ice pack is easy to identify since it textile on one side and plastic on the other side. Thanks to the perforation technology the Dry ice pack hydrates when it’s soaked in water and the polymer gains the capability to store sufficient cold energy to be able to last up to 7 times longer than any standard ice pack. The cell structure allows for these ice packs to be flexible when frozen and can be cut to size and it doesn’t turn back into water leaving behind a mess that degrades the packaging of the products and sometimes even affects the integrity of the payload.

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Disposable Dry Ice packs have a wide range of applications and a great solution to replace regular ice packs and gel packs. Disposable ice packs come like a flat sheet which is dry and easy to store and have an indefinite shelf life. These Disposable ice packs are great for shipping food, medicines and other perishables. These Ice packs come as standard 24 Cell Sheets which are activated easily by soaking them under water. It takes about 2 -3 minutes for the water to reach with the polymer in the dry ice packs and fully activate and they are about an Inch thick after they have absorbed all the water. They are now ready to use and can be frozen in any Domestic Freezer. The Dry ice packs require being frozen plastic side down with the other side which is a spun non-woven material to be facing away from the freezer plate. If you are freezing multiple ice packs you can simply place them one above the other with the plastic side down thus ensuring they don't stick to each other. Once they are well hydrated and activated you can even cut them to the desired size. Its recommended that they are either pre-cut when we manufacture them or if you are looking to cut them by yourself, we suggest that you cut them after they are activated thus ruling out any possibility of you cutting into the Cell structure causing a puncture. These Dry ice packs are ideal for shipping chilled Chocolates at or below ambient temperature, Health supplements, Cheese, Frozen Chilled or Fresh Seafood including prawns, Lobsters, Oysters and Fish. The Dry ice packs have been a product of choice by Restaurants and Catering companies to ship chilled or frozen food like salads and ice cream with delivery companies Uber eats, Deliveroo and Foodora.

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