Cryolux Organ Transplant Cold Chain Shippers, Esky, Ice boxes and Coolers

Sealable and Disposable Oxygen Bag with Vacuum Insulated Panel Cooler Box for Cold Management 

In most transplant centres, for most organ storage and transport remains the biggest and with improper storage and cold chain equipment, they are left with no choice but to work with locally available consumer grade equipment. Sure it makes you wonder what is the requirement for a cold chain system when the organs in the body are at 37 Degree C. To put in simple terms If the organs are stored and transported at lower temperatures. The Lower temperatures heavily reduce the metabolism in the organs and hence they can be sustained for a longer duration, despite the lack of oxygen and metabolic substrates, for longer periods. With over 100 years of combined Research & Development experience in cold chain and vast industry experience in working closely with some of the leading organizations around the world, Cryolux is the forefront of several innovative cold chain solutions and the team are currently working closely with Reputed industry specialists in developing an innovative range of portable organ transplant cold solutions. 

Cryolux Organ tranplant icebox

With drastic advancement in the cold chain industry Cryolux has been able to overcome the intrinsic Cold chain limitations and we are working towards devising simplified cold chain protocols with easy to use Cold chain apparatus making it easily adaptable across all transplant centres including remote locations. Cryolux is able to incorporate full visibility of temperature and oxygen monitoring in the Cryolux Organ Transplant unit. After carefully understanding the role of Hyperbaric Oxygen in the transport of the organ, Cryolux has designed the Organ transplant unit with an FDA approved patented Oxy Pouch that enables oxygen and/or fluid preservatives to be easily injected into the bag and also contain the exposure of the organ in a high oxygen environment. Cryolux is focussing all its resources into making a cost effective cold chain solution that can help thousands of lives waiting for an organ donor and give the Transplant centres, hospitals, and labs the peace of mind and confidence that the organ can be safely transported. Cryolux is continuously looking work closely with organizations involved in the organ retrieval and transport process for first-hand feedback and understands the challenges involved to ensure this solution is robust and contribute towards this Life changing & Lifesaving cause. Please feel free to fill out the below form to get in touch with us with regards to this Project.


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