Tuna Gullet Pack

Tuna Gullet Ice Gel pack for Commercial Seafood Delivery

Cryolux Tuna packs or Gullet packs are commonly used in the seafood industry to transport whole fish. The tuna packs are designed to be frozen and inserted into the gullet of the tuna before they are packed and stored to be transported. The cryolux secret formulation used in the gullet ice packs helps keep the tuna fresh inside out for extended durations to be able to overcome some of the challenges of Logistics. Most of the Leading fisheries choose to use the cryolux gulet packs simply because of their enhanced performance. These cryolux gel packs have a freezing temperature of -21 Degree Celsius and work well to keep the Fish Frozen for long durations, Especially considering the long transit times whilst they need to be packed and transported to the distribution centre and then on forwarded to the Wholesalers. Cryolux Products are a preferred choice as they are FDA Approved and manufactured in their ISO9001 and HACCP certified factory. The Gullet packs can also replace normal ice packs and their design allows them to be fit in narrow spaces easily. The cryolux gulet packs or tuna packs can be used over and over again although the seafood industry widely used them as disposable ice packs.

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  • Tuna Gullet Ice Pack

    Tuna Gullet Pack 

    Food Grade Material 

    Non-Toxic Formulation

    Lasts up to 6 times longer than Ice

    Phase Change Technology formulation to Keep things Frozen longer

    Reusable Gel Ice Packs


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